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Scholarships & Financial aid fee waivers are awarded to international students on the basis of academic achievement, Need based Partial/Full Scholarship, and School based Scholarship.

All scholarship awards will be at the discretion of the scholarship Committee of that institution/university. Candidate with strong academic scores, good performance on standardized exams, artistic, abilities,, athletic or other extra curricular activities, and community service record achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards & financial assistance. United Educational Services will each and every student to apply for these scholarships. While most scholarships are academic merit based, we also identify the ones based on other parameters for a student and help them apply for the same.

We generally advise students to make scholarship application early, if they want to achieve it. Students can also get a partial/full scholarship for their efforts. We always strive hard to make sure you get the maximum scholarship. These are the major types of scholarships that students can receive.

Merit-based :

These awards are based on a student's academic scores, artistic, athletic or other extra curricular activities, abilities, and community service record. The most common merit-based scholarships, awarded by either private institutions/organisation or directly by a student's intended college, recognise academic achievement or top scores on standardized tests. Most such merit-based scholarships are paid directly by the institution to the student attends, rather than issued directly to the student.

Need based Scholarship :

Mostly federal student aid is need-based i.e citizens. That means it doesn't discriminate by any factor apart from financial need. Eligibility is based solely on the assets and income of the prospective student and his or her family. Factors such as test scores or athletic ability have no bearing on need-based aid.

Partial/Full Scholarship :

Partial Scholarships is based on merit based but normally provided to cover simple living expenses and books, where as full scholarships is provided to academic merit and top scorer in standardized test to cover their complete tuition fees, living expenses and books mostly for the International students.

School-Based Scholarships :

School based scholarships are most often related to a specific level of studies such as bachelor or masters scholarships, or to a specific program, such as business scholarship or engineering scholarships. scholarships may be offered directly from the school or sometimes, from a individual private donor who is associated with the university such as an alumni who has set up a scholarship foundation. Sometimes these individual scholarships are offered to individual students with university admission and yet time student do not need to apply also.