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Interview Guide for Student Visa

While getting into a University at abroad is a matter of cheer, often the exhilaration is dampened by the prospect of a Visa Interview. Students from across the country swear by the gruelling sessions with the Visa Interviewer and how all their plans might simply go to waste if the person rejects the application. Well...all that is true but at the same time, there is nothing to fear. The interviewer is not tasked with a target of rejecting applications! His/her only purpose is to validate your reasons for visiting country and by no means are they intent on thwarting your abroad dreams – until and unless the dream constitutes of staying as illegals.

It is important to understand that while the Visa Interview is an integral part of your Student Visa Application, it is by no means the lengthiest. In fact, on an average, the Visa Interview would last about 5 – 10 minutes (sometimes even lesser). As a rule, the Visa Officers do not ask for any documents. Though you are always recommended to carry them with you, it is important to note that you must not offer your documents until and unless asked.

This guide tries to remove a few misconceptions about the Visa Interview, provide Basic Do's and Don'ts and also lists down a few frequently asked questions with pointers to guide you on how to best answer these questions. Remember, there are no rules here. Like any interview, every interview is bound to be unique. What remains constant, however, is that like any interview the key is confidence and intent.

Preparing for the Interview Day

Things you should know before you go for your Student Visa Interview

Like any interview, it is a formal interaction between two or more people – the Interviewer/s and the Interviewee. And like any interview, you need to prep for this one as well. So, before you start prepping about the questions or worrying about the Interview Officer, here are few things you must do. Remember, doing your homework is the key to success...

  • Prepare your File – neatly catalogued with every possible document in place and marked
  • Though you would not be asked for any documents, it is important to ensure all the documents are filed and catalogued (Refer to the List of Documents to Carry)
  • Go through the Admission Essay/ SOP you have submitted, the complete list of Universities and courses you had applied to
  • Thoroughly revise the course you have enrolled for, the kind of credit systems it has, the tenure, the faculty and the course highlights – basically why you chose that particular university
  • Read up about the state you would be visiting, about the University's history and the nearby location
  • Go through your Financial Documents to clearly understand how you would be paying for your education

Commonly Asked Visa Interview Questions.

  • Brief overview of your immigration history ?
  • Why this specific university ?
  • Why do you want study in US/US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland ?
  • Why not another country you have chosen?
  • Which universities did you applied in US/US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland, name them and what research have you done on them ?
  • What do you know about the University and its location ?
  • What course are you planning to study in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland?
  • Is this course relevant to you if so how?
  • Describe about the course you are willing to study in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland ?
  • How many credit is your course and how many credit for each modules ?
  • What is the requirement for avail university placement option ?
  • What are your career aspects and how your master course will support your professional career further ?
  • What qualification do you get after completion of your course?
  • Since it's been so many year back you studies, why do you want to study now ?
  • You will have same course in India, why do you prefer to study in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland?
  • How your current experience support/help your US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland Course ?
  • How is the weather at your university location ?
  • What facilities does University provide you ?
  • What English Language test did you take ?
  • Are you currently employed ? Where ? and what are your roles and responsibility currently ?
  • Why are you planning to study after so many year of your experience or so many year after your graduation ?
  • What are your plans once finish your course?
  • How will this course benefit you now ? since you are already working in good company in India?
  • What kind of position are you expecting after completion of you course?
  • Where and what kind of companies you will be expecting the job?
  • What average salary are you expecting after completion of your course?
  • How sure are you getting good job in this MNC companies ?
  • Do you intend to work in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland during your course and summer holidays ?
  • Do you have family or friends in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland?
  • Where are you planning to make your application in India ?
  • are you going to stay in US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland? I.e address?
  • Who stay at this address and what is your friend name ?
  • How many bedrooms in this house and how many people stay in this house?
  • What is the rent of this house ?
  • How much will it cost for each member staying in this house?
  • Will it be included with other amenities like power, gas, internet and television network?
  • How much distance is this house from the university?
  • How will be your transport to your university from this please?
  • What bus number / train line will you catch ?
  • How many kilometers exactly it will come to the university from your home ?
  • How many minuted does your journey will take place to the university ?
  • How are you going to pay your balance fees ?
  • How many installment can you pay your tuition fees?
  • What is general living expenses in London as per US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland?
  • How are you showing you balance fees and living expenses?
  • Who is sponsoring for your education loan?
  • What is the sponsor income of source?
  • Who is your primary sponsors for your education? Your father or your husband?
  • You have not provided any evidence for your sponsor income source ?
  • Who will pay your loan? And how?

Applicants with FAMILY ?

  • Will Anybody accompany you to US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland ?
  • Do you have a child ?
  • How old is your child?
  • Is She/He going to the school ?
  • Will you husband and your child will accompany you to US/UK/New Zealand/Australia/Canada/Ireland?
  • Who will take care of your child in your adsense ?
  • What does you in laws do?
  • Will She/He be able to stay without you ?
  • What does you husband do?
  • How much is your husband salary ?
  • Will your husband is ready to sponsor for your education ?