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Visa Information

A student visa allows you to study in New Zealand full-time. Your course of study, education provider and finish date will all be specified by your student visa. It's important that you meet all the conditions of your student visa.

Apply for a student visa, find out about the application process, print the application form or read the Student Visa Guide here. You should apply for your student visa as soon as you have been accepted and given an Offer of Place by concerned institution as in some cases the application process may take a number of weeks.

For a list of documents you must provide with your application, refer to the checklist on the inside cover of the Student Visa Application form.

Immigration New Zealand normally requires evidence that you have paid your tuition fees to get a student visa. In some countries you can apply for an Approval in Principle (AIP) visa with your Offer of Place before paying your tuition fees.

To meet the conditions of your student visa, you must:

  • Attend classes full-time at the education provider written on your student visa
  • Make academic progress while you are studying as determined by your education provider
  • Not receive income for work without the permission of INZ

It's also your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid visa in your passport at all times while studying in New Zealand.

List of Documents for Visa Application

Along with your application form, you will need to submit a few documents. Make sure you have all these when you start the application process for a student visa to New Zealand.

  • Valid passport.
  • You must fill out the below link New Zealand student visa application (form 1012).
  • Two passport-sized color photos - You can usually get these inexpensively at a pharmacy that has a photo studio. Make sure the photos are current (i.e. taken within six months).
  • An official letter from your New Zealand university, stating that you'll be studying abroad in New Zealand.
  • An official letter from your home university, confirming that: any course fees will be paid either by you or by your New Zealand university and you have sufficient funds to study abroad in New Zealand.
  • Undergo Medical Test: If you need to get a chest x-ray or medical examination, you'll need to bring certain things along to your appointment. At your appointment the physician will examine you and send us information we can use to check you have an acceptable standard of health.If you have to get a chest x-ray or medical examination, you'll need to use a doctor or radiologist from our 'List of Panel Physicians'.
  • (Police Clearance Certificate) Police certificates must be less than six months old when you submit your application.We may ask for further police certificates if your initial police certificate becomes a year old from its date of issue before we make a decision on your application.
  • Proof that you plan to depart the country - A copy of your departure plane ticket will do.

Visa Fees and Visa Process Duration

After lodgement of your visa applications, and once we have advised you that you have received "Approval in Principal" of your visa from the New Zealand Government, you will need to pay your 1st year's tuition fees as mentioned in your offer letter . You can choose to pay this fee through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) At this point; those students using the FTS will also need to transfer their living expenses contribution into their ANZ bank account.

Typical waiting time for your visa to be processed and available for pickup or delivery by courier after a counselor has made the decision to approve your application. However, some cases require extra administrative processing, usually less than 60 days, but sometimes longer.