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Employment Opportunity in Newzealand

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You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week on a student visa, so take advantage of it. There are plenty of jobs both on and off campus, and you may meet a lot of interesting people while working too. Try and find a job related to what you are studying, too; it can give you invaluable experience that you couldn’t get any other way.


Because Kiwis see education as incredibly important, the educational system in New Zealand is incredibly important to the overall development and stability of the country, and the government and other organizations put a lot of money into scholarships and other programs that you can utilize so that you are able to afford your education, no matter where you are coming from or what program you are studying.

There are a lot of opportunities available for students who are coming from other countries so that they can further their education and get proper opportunities that will help them bring their education home. Here is a brief look at those ones; of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New Zealand Pacific Scholarships and New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships, which are specifically for those in the Pacific regions of the world. It is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are also Short Term Training Awards, which are for those who are coming from Pacific countries to study a trade skill in New Zealand.

New Zealand Development Scholarships, which were developed for those pursuing postgraduate study in New Zealand. These scholarships are from those who are coming from parts of Central America, South America, Africa, Nepal, Timor-Leste, Mongolia, and a small number of Chinese provinces.

ASEAN Scholar Awards, which are for students from Southeast Asia that performed well academically during their secondary schooling and are looking to attend university in New Zealand. These scholarships were developed to nurture diplomatic relationships with those countries and New Zealand.

Commonwealth scholarships, which are available to students in a number of different countries in Africa, parts of Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific. These are, essentially, scholarship programs that are shared across these regions so that people in the countries listed are able to go to other schools in this commonwealth organization.

Depending on the country that you come from, you may also be eligible for scholarships from your home country. That will depend on a number of factors, including the program that you are looking to pursue, where you attended high school, what your grades were like in high school, scores on any tests that you took for university admission, and other factors. Getting scholarships for studying in New Zealand really isn’t that much different than getting scholarships in another country, you just may need to do a little more research in order to find the ones that you are eligible for.

If you would like more information about scholarship programs in New Zealand, the international studies office at your university will also be able to help you apply for appropriate scholarships and other financial aid that you may need in order to attend university in New Zealand.