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Visa Information

Every person around the globe is eligible for studying in Ireland. However there are some specific eligibility criteria for admissions in Ireland Universities. As Ireland is an English country where English is spoken as a basic language so the English language proof is must for getting admission in any of the university/ college in Ireland.

English is the basic mode of education in Ireland. IELTS/TOEFL is mandatory to pursue higher education in Ireland.. The students must have to submit the test report along with the application form for visa processing.

Students who are planning to get to Ireland to study should get in touch with United Educational Services counsellor for full details admission and further procedures.

List of Documents for Visa Application

For a successful visa application the following documents should be submitted. Other supporting documents may be required and you should contact local Irish Embassy or Consulate to obtain information on the full documentation required. The minimum required documents are:

  • Visa application form
  • Student visa declaration form
  • Education documents from high school and university.
  • English proficiency certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL
  • Evidence of finances – showing student to have access to €7000 per year for living expenses
  • Proof of Medical Insurance.
  • Proof of enrolment on the stated course.
  • Proof of previous immigration.(If any)
  • Proof of previous work experience.(If any)
  • Letter of acceptance-The letter would be acceptable only of recognized education institutes of Ireland. The letter must be for a full-time course and should be clearing mentioning that you have been accepted for the mentioned course as a full –time student.
  • Proof of your academic ability.
  • Proof of fees-Showing that the fee had been paid to the college as per demand.
  • Proof that the applicant or the sponsor of the applicant has a minimum amount of 7000 euro for each year of study in Ireland. An explanation of any gaps in your educational history.
  • Confirmation that you have a solid plan to come back to your home country after completing your education.
Visa Fees and Visa Process Duration

Applicant from some countries is not supposed to pay this fee. These charges keep on changing so before applying you must check the latest demanded fee.

The general processing time for the visa application is 4 to 8 working weeks from the day of submitting the application. The general Visa processing fee for single entry in Ireland is $36 for single entry; the fee is non-refundable and had to be submitted at the time of submitting the application.