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Why Study in UK

Students come to United Kingdom for many reasons including:

  • Best in the quality of education and possess excellent academics.
  • Tuition fees in U.K. are significantly lower when compared to other developed nations.
  • Higher education in U.K. boosts your career. Have a positive impact on your job profile and possess huge number of chances to get placed with elite companies.
  • U.K. universities offer wide range of courses and programs to select and entitle an international student to a free health care benefit.
  • English language skills are highly essential to survive in this digital arena. Therefore most universities in U.K. offer language support to international students.
  • Financing for education becomes easier as various grants and scholarships are available to study in UK.
  • International students are allowed to work for 20 hrs in a week during term time and full time during holidays.
  • A great place to visit several tourist attractions in UK as well as surrounding countries such as France, Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam.
  • You can experience the best culture, rich heritage and enjoy various sports activities, incredible musical acts, and great films.

Quality of education

According to global league table, “The UK is ranked as the sixth best educational system in developed world.” The education system in UK is recognized and respected throughout world. It provides challenging environment to study, build strong foundation for a successful future, boost student’s career opportunities, chances of impressing a potential employer, and higher salary prospects.

The quality of education system in UK is considered as the best in world. Graduate, Postgraduate, MBA, and Ph.D qualifications from UK’s educational institutions are valued and respected throughout the world. A degree from UK University will give students worldwide recognition, competitive advantage and employers are of the opinion that students from U.K. universities are capable of independent thinking. As U.K. possess with qualitative education system, many other countries in world would like to follow UK’s education system.

Cost of study in UK

Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses in UK are of shorter duration (i.e., one year shorter) when compared to other universities in world. So you can cut down tuition fees as well as living cost for one more year with study in UK. The undergraduate courses take three years to complete whereas post graduate courses will take one more year to complete. Tuition fees for higher education in UK vary depending upon several factors such as: location of the institution (i.e., whether it is in Wales, England or Scotland), type of the course etc.)

UK tuition fees – international students

For international students, undergraduate fees for 2016/17 started at around £10,000 (US$12,300) for lecture-based courses, going up to £35,000 (~US$43,060) or more for an undergraduate medical degree at the top of the price range.

At postgraduate level, international fees for classroom-based programs in 2016/17 started at £9,700 (~US$11,930) and went up to £32,000 (~US$39,350). For laboratory-based programs, average annual fees vary from £9,900 (~US$12,180) up to £25,000 (~US$30,800), while for clinical degree programs the annual fees start at around £11,250 (~US$13,900) and are as high as £42,000 (~US$51,700) for programs such as medicine.