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Why Process Through UES

When I was planning to go for higher studies. I was completely unaware of all the rules and regulations. I tried to gather all the information online and through friends. I was able to get most of the information but still I was facing small obstacles related to visa, fees, accommodation,etc.

I was bombarded with UES educational consultancy to contact them after visiting a study fair in my city.

I realised I still had some ground to cover and time was slowly running out. So I approached United educational consultants and they gave me the options of universities that they can help me get into. To be honest, all those universities were crap. I realised that they have tie up with those universities and United educational consultancy will not charge me. I played along with them. I got admitted into 3-4 universities from this educational consultants. United educational consultancies gave me a list of documents that I need to have before applying for universities and for visa purposes.

I did not require educational loan. But after meeting these educational agencies I realised that I need to hold the money in my account for 3 months. Only problem was I was having only 1 month to apply for visa and my course to start. This important fact I got to know after visiting UES. I do accept I did not do the research properly. But I did what was possible from my side asking other friends who went for studies. It was stressful time.

Since it was a important criteria to have money in my account for 3 months to get visa. After speaking with the educational consultant they gave me other option to take loan and use that to apply visa.

I went to Credila for loan. They provided the loan after having our house as a collateral. They mentioned that once I get the visa only then they can give me the loan. I got the loan, applied for visa and once I got the visa I flew abroad for my studies.

I got a mail from Credila that they are ready to release my payment. I told them I do not need the loan.

What I would advise is visit United educational consultant. No harm in visiting and meeting them. But do your research separately for the list of universities you want to apply and segregate them according to importance.

If the university you researched has tie up with UES educational consultants then don't think twice. Apply through them, they do not charge anything since they get paid through the university. The chances of getting accepted is also high. If any issues, these educational consultant will help you out with their representatives in the universities.

United educational Services Offered:

At UES, our team of expert counselors offers assistance in gaining admission to top Notch College of Australia. Any information regarding courses conducted by Universities & college is provided by our expert team of counselors. Other services provided include:

  • UES will help in Selection of course and college
  • UES will guide for Visa counseling
  • UES will assist for Application procedure
  • Offer Acceptance
  • UES help in Visa filing
  • Orientation sessions