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Application Requirements and Deadline


  • Additional entry requirements may include:
  • Resume/CV
  • Letters of recommendation (minimum two)
  • Passport sized photos
  • Copies of your passport
  • GMAT/GRE test certificates (if asked)
  • Medical certificate
  • Insurance letter
  • Documents stating work experience (if applicable)
  • Course specific questionnaire (if asked)
  • Test AS certificate
  • Translations of certificates (if asked)
  • Proof of funds (if asked)
  • Certificate and transcript of your undergraduate studies.

Details of your secondary education –some very competitive application processes may wish to know further details of an international’s education history.


German universities may discuss your application and your experience in an arranged interview with you. The interview may be formal, especially in highly-competitive universities with limited places, or it can also be done over conferencing platforms, like Skype to make it easier on international students. Additional entry tests –this more often occurs in competitive universities, where you may be asked to complete an additional entry exam or take a standardized postgraduate admission test as part of your application. This can also be required in law, medicine, and other similar regulated professions in order to ensure the compatibility of your previous trainings. Also, business schools and MBA programs may require a particular score from recognized tests, like GMAT or GRE

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines is vary from university to university and course which you opt for according to course and intake.