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Eligibility & Fees For PTE

Candidates Need To Be At Least 16 Years Before They Can Sit For The Pte. Students Who Are Between 16-17 Years Of Age Need To Produce Certificates Of Parental Consent To Appear In The Exam.

PTE Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants Should Be Minimum 16 Years Of Age
  • Applicants Below 18 Years Must Submit Proof Of Parental Consent
  • As Such There Is No Specific Pte Eligibility Criteria. It Is Required As A Proof Of English Proficiency.

PTE Exam Fee:

The Pte Exam Fee Is Currently Rs. 10,255 +18 % Gst

In Case You Are Booking For Your Exam Late, The Price Of Late Booking Is Rs. 12,819 + 18 % Gst