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Extended 2-year post-study visa for all students to Study in UK

The United Kingdom has been everybody’s favourite destination since forever. Why you ask? Well, apart from its beautifully constructed architectures, elegant culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful tropical islands, breathtaking vineyards, high-end infrastructure, the British Empire is popularly famous for its well-constructed unique educational system; In fact a handful of countries did actually adopt it as well. UK is the home to some of the finest educational and has been attracting millions of international students since the early 12th century.

Although there are countless reasons on why you should study in the UK (the land of roses), we managed to jot down a few reasons to keep it short yet informative.

  • There is no other place in the world like the UK
  • Quality-oriented teaching techniques
  • Huge variety of study-programs
  • Best student life is guaranteed
  • Interact with people with different ethnicities
  • You get to study in UK without IELTS

While in the process of planning your beautiful career abroad, it is important to make a bond with your home new country because that’s where you’re going to live for the next few years of your life. Let’s look at some crucial factors that contribute big time in the big country.

The cost of studying in UK is slightly expensive, but it is totally worth for the amount of courses that are being provided, the quality and the top-notch teaching facilities. However, there are a huge variety of scholarship programs available for the meritorious and credible students who lack resources. To know more about the scholarships to study in UK, refer the article.

Who wouldn’t want to study in the top universities of UK? Everybody does, right? The oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and the UCL are placed among top 10 universities of the world.

The visa procedure in UK is quite complex and time-taking for its high demand and high standards of living. While the application procedure of UK’s world-class universities is like a hotcakes in the market. The quicker you apply, the quicker you enjoy your student life in UK.

Did you know?

According to reports, the Indian student population in UK has increased by 40% as of the academic year 2018-19

UK’s new schema for the international students

Factually speaking, the UK is ahead of time in delivering the best educational services to its students, and has never stopped benefiting her talented international students. For instance, if you decide on studying in UK right after your graduation, having a work-visa is mandatory. But the recently launched regulation of extending the work-visa period for 2 years along with the student-visa is much-admired by the international student society. It is so evidential that we, Indians are the most to do well about the new pact that they would get a global exposure alongside gaining the work-experience in the market. The study in the UK for Indian students is again topping the list of ‘the most preferred country for higher education’.

Why post-study work visa is helpful?

Once you complete your stipulated courses in your dream country, the post-study work visa allows you to work/ reside in the country legally. As a disclaimer, the post-study work visa is only applicable to the international students who attempted STEM, says the UK home secretary Priti Patel. The UK, thus encourage young global talents by creating employment opportunities in any field and any position in a reputed firm to the deserved candidates.

If you’re planning to study in UK but lack proper guidance, you’re at the right place. We at United Educational Services are Hyderabad’s top overseas consultancies that have experienced UK consultants who guides you from ‘I want to study in UK’ to ‘I have graduated from the UK’.

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