The UK is the first industrialized country that has once ruled almost the world. The country has largely influenced the world with its culture, ethnicity, economy and politics. However, the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear about the UK is Big Ben, high-end infrastructural facilities, its rich heritage, delicious English breakfasts, Mr. Bean and Oh yes! How could I forget its excellent educational institutions? The country is the second-largest country where the world’s student population resides in. I’m sure no one in this wide world hasn’t heard about Cambridge and Oxford Universities; in precise these universities are not only the UK’s best but are also the world’s best! The country has been keeping up its standards since the 1870s and still occupies a greater position among the world’s top education-givers.

Popularly known for its educational reforms dating back to the 6th century to this day, the UK has become the inspiration to the rest of the world. Its well-built educational system which was adopted by several countries including Australia, India and many others has made education a basic necessity to all parts of the society. Undoubtedly, the UK is the sheer epitome of development!

Did you know? 

Interestingly, for the academic year 2017-18, there were over 7 million university applicants out of which 458,520 were international students. The above statistics proclaim that the UK is the most chosen abroad educational destination globally. But why a lot of hype for the UK education you ask? Well, here is an article about the top 5 reasons why student-enthusiasts love to study in the UK than other famous Study destinations.

  1. Globally recognized universities-

It’s a known fact that the Universities of UK are world popular. For instance, the Cambridge and Oxford are older universities dating back their existence to the 13th and 17th centuries. Not only are these but the recently established universities like University College London, Imperial College London are incomparable. A degree or a simple qualification from these institutions is high in quality and world-class, which stands as one among the many reasons why the UK is the most favorite study destination.

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     2. An international Center-

Not kidding, but due to a wide range of opportunities that the country has been providing migration began to accelerate rapidly. And therefore the country has become an international hub for diversity, religions, ethnicities and cultures. Besides studying in the top-notch educational services a lot of people come to the ‘Limeyland’ to enjoy its beauty. Irrespective of a hectic academic schedule you could be expected to a brand new adventure every single day. You get to interact with people from around the world and have a student life that you would cherish forever. Now studying in the UK is way easier when you choose the best UK overseas education Consultants in Hyderabad

    3.Tuition fee and living within your reach

The utterly budget-friendly tuition fee remains the strongest reasons for the high demand for the country. How? The UK has short degree courses that save you a lot of tuition fee while the course duration for post-graduation and PhD remain the same. However, the UK policymakers are making pacts to curb the expensive tuition fee for some courses. Let me not lie to you, the cost of living in the UK is not very less you’ve expected. However, as an international student, you will be left with many ways to survive i.e. part-time jobs and scholarships. (Know more about them in the next section). Want to find the best university at your reach? Go consult a UK study abroad consultant in Hyderabad, now!

   4. High-rate of employment opportunities-

Undoubtedly, the UK is one of the biggest economic centers in the world. Employment might not be assured to everyone, but can a cakewalk to the deserved and talented ones. There are many part-time jobs and internships available to students. The international students especially get 20 hours per week work limit to earn their pocket money or work experience while still pursuing the course. Whether you want to work in the UK or come back to your home country after completing your course there are ample of employment opportunities available (only if you have a work visa). Know what kind of jobs you could apply for part-time jobs from the best UK education Consultants in Hyderabad.

    5. Pleasing Scholarship conveniences- 

Valuable courses going off the budget? The UK educational providers provide many scholarship programs at different degree levels to help students manage their study expenses as well as living expenses.Not sure if you can make it to the UK? Simple consult the best UK overseas educational consultants and your career are sorted! Now that you know why studying in the UK is beyond a student enthusiast’s wildest dream, when are you fulfilling your dream career in the UK?

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