Studying abroad is more of a necessity than a choice these days. Studying in the prominent Universities across the world has been everybody’s checklist ever since planning a career that probably knows no bounds.
Each year, millions of study-enthusiasts travel across the world to adhere to their career goals in their dream university. The wide range of benefits that these countries provide stands as the primary reasons to attract a large chunk of students to study abroad. World-class education, excellent scholarship facilities, great hospitality towards international students and efficient admission procedures are the primary reasons why studying abroad can be the best option; one of the very valuable reasons is ‘Intakes’.

Distinct from our in-explicit educational system, many countries offer 2 prime intakes in an academic year welcoming students to experience their best educational services. Countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other countries have more spring, summer and fall intakes. Usually, the universities of these countries have the majority of the world’s student population causing the overflow of foreign students throughout the year. To curb this, university authorities accept admissions in spring and fall seasons as well.
Whether unknowingly you had to postpone your application process or enjoy the warm and breathtaking weather conditions of the country, the intake system works wonders. Typically, in most of the countries, the spring intake begins in the month of January and ends in May. The fall begins in September and ends in December. However, different countries have different intake times.

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How to choose the right intake?
Studying abroad is a bigger life decision that needs a lot of pre-planning to be done. Most students fall into a tight spot while choosing an intake that’s best suitable to them. Making the right decisions can make your study-journey a total worthwhile. How? Opting an appropriate intake can land you in a pool of benefits.
You may choose between spring or fall depending on the availability of your course program.
Compare between the universities based on your course program, the tuition fee, your acceptance rate, available scholarships, job opportunities and extra-curricular activities. You could consult a nearby Abroad education consultants in Hyderabad to know the right intake that suits your requirement.

Advantages of the Intake-system:
The more the time, the merrier the planning. But, don’t forget to look into the deadlines. Irrespective of a lot of time, a lot of people still miss-out the most important things. You don’t want that last-minute bustle; intakes at your rescue!
• Admissions usually start 6 months prior to the course that allocates a good planning process.
• Since the student-population is splitting up, you get the university’s attention.
• You may take tests and apply for the visa at leisure.
• If your scorecards are not out yet, you may prepare for the next intake.
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Which intake is a better option for Indian students?
It’s a known fact that the Indian educational system is a lot more sophisticated and linear in the pattern. Also getting facts into place, the Indian Academic year usually begins in June and ends in April which differs from that of other country’s. And therefore most Indian students prefer fall intake. Usually, the universities offer certain attractive courses during this time and students are offered many course options. Studying abroad has become easy and efficient when you choose the best overseas education consultants.
Nevertheless, here’s a clear differentiation between the two-

Why choose spring season?
• Spring has lesser demand than fall. Have good scores? Your seat is preserved!
• Limited accommodation, scholarship options
• You won’t be eligible for summer internships for your first summer.

Why choose the fall season?
• There is a huge demand and massive supply
• You don’t need to stay idle for a long period after the undergrad course
• Better housing and scholarship options
• Good amount of time to get adapted to winter

Best of luck to your admission process!

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