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Visa Information

Student Visa Procedure

You will be required to submit the required documents for the Streamline Visa Process (SVP) after the offer letter is received, and has to furnish the financial documents for the amount to be shown. The first semester fees should be paid to the education provider and may be some institutions ask for the full fee of 1 year.

The education provider issues the Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (ECOE) when SVP process is completed. The application for the student visa will be sent to Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia. You should apply for the visa before 12 weeks of the orientation day in the institution. The student can go to Australia once the visa is approved.

List of Documents for Visa Application

Visa application documents

The following documents are required for the visa processing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP):

  • Visa application form 157A
  • Visa application fee
  • Four photographs (45mmx35mm)
  • Valid passport All Pages
  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECOE)
  • IELTS result
  • Academic and work experience documents
  • Statement of purpose
  • Evidence of financial ability
  • A Proof is needed to show the relationship between you and your family.
  • Marriage certificate
  • If you are under 18 and are applying in Australia for a student visa you will need to show evidence of when you lodge your application.
  • If anyone in the application has changed his/her name, certified copies of documents verifying the name change will be needed.

Visa Fees and Visa Process Duration

The cost of all the subclass visas for students is AUD$ 550. The Australian Government does not require you to have a visa label in your passport to travel to, enter or remain in Australia. But if you want the visa sticker on your passport, you can request and pay for a visa label if you already have a student visa. It is Australian Government policy to charge for visa labels. The charge for a visa label is AUD 150.

There are three assessment levels in the student visa program. They align student visa requirements to the immigration risk posed by applicants from a particular country studying in a particular education sector. Assessment level 1 represents the lowest immigration risk and assessment level 3 the highest. The higher the assessment level, the greater the evidence an applicant is required to demonstrate to support their claims for the grant of a student visa. Maximum duration is 90 working days.