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Accommodation in Dubai

Accommodation in Dubai can be divided into on-campus and off-campus accommodation, as is the case with most study-abroad destinations.

On-campus accommodation in Dubai: The popular option in Dubai is on-campus accommodation. But considering the top universities in Dubai have limited number of seats, which, in turn ,tend to fill up quickly, you have to start early to stand a chance. Also, starting your search early is the right approach if you want to have your pick of accommodation type. For example, in case of Middlesex University Dubai, early starters can choose from single, shared and shared (premium). Late arrivers, meanwhile, will be left with leftovers and can’t pick and choose.

Coming to costs and sticking with Middlesex University Dubai as a model; at AED 55,000, single Type A rooms are the most expensive. So, for students looking for cheaper options Type D, Type E and Type G, with their low costs can be ideal choices, provided they are ready to share space with other students. Students need to bear in mind that studying abroad is a costly exercise, and so being flexible can be a great virtue, like the money saved in accommodation can be spent in buying books or even entertainment. This is not to say that one shouldn’t pay attention to comfort and convenience, or even safety, as they are equally important. After all whether you are studying civil engineering in Dubai or studying MBA in Dubai, a lot is riding on your shoulders –whether it is money or future!

Cost of on-campus accommodation in Dubai (September- May) for new joiners (Middlesex University Dubai)

Room Type Costs (AED)
Type A - Single 55,000
Type B - Shared x2 32,000
Type C - Shared x 2 (premium) 38,000
Type D - Shared x3 25,000
Type E - Shared x3 (upgraded) 27,000
Type F - Shared x3 (premium) 29,000
TYPE G – Shared x4 22,000

Cost of student on-campus accommodation 1``11in Dubai during summers (June - Sep ) (Middlesex University Dubai)

Room Type Costs (AED)
Type A - Single 27,500
Type B - Shared x2 16,000
Type C - Shared x 2 (premium) 19,000
Type D - Shared x3 12,500
Type E - Shared x3 (upgraded) 13,500
Type F - Shared x3 (premium) 14,500

Private accommodation in Dubai:

Though not the first choice of students, private accommodation is an unavoidable reality for many students studying in Dubai. So, if you are also gearing up to study in Dubai, it won’t be a bad idea to check out a few private accommodations in advance.

Here we bring you average annual cost of staying at a private or off-campus accommodation in Dubai ( Source: Canadian University Dubai):

Apartment Cost
Modest, 1 bedroom AED 70,000 - 85,000
Modest, 2 bedrooms AED 85,000 - 100,000
Good quality, 1 bedroom AED 100,000 - 120,000
Good quality, 2 bedrooms AED 120,000 - 140,000
Good quality, 3 bedrooms AED 140,000 - 190,000

In case of private accommodation, you have greater choices than on-campus accommodation, but then again you need to be very careful with your research because accommodation rackets are a reality in Dubai. Some concerns you have to be deal with while finalizing your private accommodation in Dubai is how far it is from the university and what are add-on facilities being offered. You must also insist on a written agreement of the deal, one that is officially recognized.

As for the chart, we can repeat the same thing that we addressed in the earlier point. That is if you are ready to be flexible, you can save some valuable Dirham’s. Also, even students who are studying in Dubai on scholarships can heed these suggestions as every penny saved will make life easier.

Dubai isn’t the most expensive city in the world, the cost of living in Dubai is also not cheap by any means, especially when it is equivalent to the likes of Paris and is more expensive than Toronto. So, you need to be careful with your money while studying in Dubai.