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Accommodation in Canada

Usually, Universities in Canada provide the students with accommodation of their own close to the Campus. Rooms are basically the same everywhere, they might not be furnished however and the kitchen, baths and toilets are shared. Commonly it’s difficult to get a private room, as the rooms are mostly shared with other students yet they are definitely separated by gender. Dormitories for instance are a concrete facility providing rooms for either only girls, or only boys. When living in the dormitory you are close to the university and the campus activities at all times including leisure and educational activities, group studying and much more. This way, your life will circle around students of your own age and similar interests, a perfect way to make new friends. Average cost of residence/dormitory rooms: $3,000 – $7,500 CDN per school year.

Off-Campus Housing

Renting is a more private alternative for students who awe for silence and intimacy. Rents vary greatly due to the location, quality and availability. Living alone in an apartment is quite a luxury; therefore students tend to share accommodation in order to keep the expenses low. Depending at the location of the University Campus, student tend to seek for apartment in that area or close to avoid daily transportation costs and appreciate more sleep time in the morning. Usually, the University itself provides its international students with lists of suitable rent alternatives nearby. Again, it is recommendable to be arranging options online, while in your home-country, as the season starts the apartments go scarce in Canada.In Canada, there are several types of homes you can rent being an international students. Renting a house by yourself costs a fortune, yet if you share accommodation with other students it can be a great alternative with a garden and all that space. Students however tend to go for a shared entity such as a suite, a private room, a shared kitchen, toilet and a bathroom within someone’s home.Average cost of a suite or apartment: $400 – $1,500 CDN monthly

Apartments are another option, you and the roommates get to be the sole inhabitants of the space and thus decide some common grounds. The downside of renting is that comes with no meals, sometimes not even furniture. It can be possible for electricity and heat costs to be included in the rent.

If you decided on private accommodation, it is no longer the Universities responsibility to make sure you are appropriately settled. Renting policy requires damage deposit and rent regularly paid via a bank or in some cases cash. When signing the deal with the landlord, students should be very careful and attentive towards the terms of the lease. Before you sign any documents, students should examine the space for eventual repairs needed.

Average cost of shared accommodations in Canada: $250 – $700 CDN monthly.